Objective DB Toolkit


This versatile objects library is designed for the serious applications developer who needs to tap the power of SYBASE without having to resort to the intricacies of 3GL coding. Objective DB Toolkit allows you to build and debug your whole application from within the Interface Builder.

So, if you’re working with SQL and are familiar with NeXTstep, put Objective DB Toolkit to the test. It’ll increase your productivity dramatically.

Easy Database Access
The database Interface is designed to be simple enough for untrained personnel to nicely format database queries: all you have to know is SQL. Furthermore, we made sure that the interface would respect NeXT standards and let you build applications using the NeXT environment as its standard.

Ease of use does not prelude flexibility. Any field value may be substituted in SQL statements. Interval variables may be used to communicate data from field to field and from window to window. Exits may be cascaded in a single field. You may also add some dedicated specialized exits coded in Objective-C.

Shorter Development Cycle
To build a simple application, you design the user interface from the specifications using Interface Builder. Once your interface has been accepted, you build the data structure to support it and make the connection with standard SQL select and update statements. A basic reporting capability is automatically included.

10 Big reasons to buy the Objective DB Tookit:
1. Build applications within the NeXT environment.
2. Cascade exitsto any field or window.
3. Create an application using only SQL.
4. Code specialized exits in Objective C if necessary.
5. Tap the power of Sybase without using 3GL coding.
6. Dramatically reduce devlopment time.
7. Communicate data from field to field and window to window.
8. Objects palettes entirely integrated into the Interface Builder.
9. Store voice, images and large text without coding in Objective C.
10. Test an application in test-interface mode without compiling it first.

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