Code Reviewer

Code Reviewer™ was a software analysis tool designed to increase the productivity of developers, get new developers up to speed on a project quickly and provide information to guide project managers in preventing trouble spots. CodeReviewer helped track and manage changes to objects and other code. CodeReviewer allowed project managers and developers to analyze versions of code visually and formally, according to industry-standard software metrics. Visual analysis was supported for any type of code, while software metrics could be computed, compared and graphed for C, C++,
Objective C and YACC code.

CodeReviewer integrated with source code management systems, if they were in use on a project. CodeReviewer was compatible with the DRCS™ graphical revision management system, the RCS revision control system and systems built on RCS. CodeReviewer helped project managers gain control of changes to code and avoid incompatibilities that could plague object-oriented development efforts. CodeReviewer and all other SS&S CASE Tools™ were sold under a floating license for maximum convenience. Software Services and Solutions. Inc.

Software Services and Solutions, Inc.
Paget Press
The listed price was for a single-user license to a multi-architccture binary (all
architectures). Multi-user and site licenses were available at discounts.