ACUCOBOL-85, COBOL compiler

The ACUCOBOL®-85 compiler offered compact, highly optimized machine-independent code that was portable, without recompiling across over 600 different platforms, including AIX™, AOS'", MS-DOS®, NetBIOS, OS/2®, Ultrix™ UNIX®, XENIX™ and VMS™ operating systems.

Extensions were included for boxed and reverse video windows; pop-up windows; color; scrolling; machine-independent handling of file and directory names; file, record and device locking; index file compression and encryption; system and terminal information; delete file and reading locked records.

With the release of version, 2.0, ACUCOBOL-85 incorporated screen section support, DG-ICOBOL compatibility, a user-replaceable file system and hot keys.


MOST PORTABLE COBOL AVAILABLE--Acucobol-85 produced remarkably compact, yet highly optimized, machine-independent object code. With Acucobol-85, users could develop sophisticated COBOL applications and execute them without recompiling on A/UX, AIX, MS-DOS, NETBIOS, OS/2, ULTRIX, UNIX, XENIX, AOS/VS, and VMS.

WINDOWING--Developers could create better-looking programs by adding the friendly simplicity of window. Gave them help screens, pop-up windows, pull-down menus and more.

SPEED--Acucobol-85 compiled fast, executed fast, and paineds screens fast. In fact benchmark tests showed Acucobol-85 is up to ten times faster than other COBOLs.

STANDARD--Acucobol-85 was NBS certifiable error-free under the High '74 and Intermediate plus '85 ANSI standard.

TOOLS--Acucobol-85 provided and array of tools to assist the developer including DATABASE INTERFACES (Oracle, Informix, etc.), Symbolic debugger, Replaceable file system (C-ISAM, B-TRIEVE, etc.), Interlanguage communication capability (C, FORTRAN, Assembly, BASIC, or Pascal.).

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