VisualWorks™ was dthemost powerful object-oriented application development environment for developing applications that were completely portable across PC, Macintosh and UNIX platforms.

VisualWorks put years of Smalltalk programming expertise on every corporate developer's desktop through a powerful interface builder that employed a visual paint-and-build approach for GUI construction.

It provided a Reusable Application Framework that freed developers to focus on designing and developing applications for use across multiple platforms.

The VisualWorks architecture packed the power of Smalltalk into an integrated application development environment that was both potent and approachable. With minimal training, developers could begin building applications across multiple platforms that would run in the native windowing environment without further modification. VisualWorks contained an integrated set of development tools, including multiple inspectors and browsers, a symbolic debugger and an application delivery optimizer.

Companion products included: ObjectKit Smalltalk Advanced Programming, offering a variety of tools to optimize applications and increase productivity, and
ObjectKit Smalltalk C Programming, which provided a direct way of creating applications that take advantage of external C libraries, code and applications.

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