Power Palettes

Reusable Objects for the NeXT

RDR sold a family of five loadable palettes for Interface Builder:

RDRSwitchView helped the developer manage off-screen views in Interface Builder that could be switched onto the screen one a time, such as in an inspector panel.

RDRGadgets was a group of three PostScript drawing primitives available on a Palette in Interface Builder with full color and transparency support. These allowed you to colorize your interfaces and draw forms, badges, and other common user interfaces without needing to manipulate a .tiff or .eps image

RDRImageView allowed you to add a .tiff or .eps image to your interface and resize it or manipulate it with some of the NeXT drawing operations (Sover, Copy, and Dissolve).

RDRSelector was a single-column browser object that presented a list of strings to the user and allowed them to easily add, remove, and rename strings in that list. Other features included quick loading of large lists, showing one or two optional icons per line, full PasteBoard support, and a very versatile Inspector Panel.

RDRSound provided all the capabilities of the NeXT Sound Kit on a Palette. It was possible to add digitized sound annotation to your programs with only one or two lines of code.

All Palettes came fully documented with .rtf files in exactly the same format that you see for the appkit classes in Digital Librarian. Example code was also included to help you get started.

The pricing is as follows:

These prices were for a 2-machine license. Group discounts and site licenses are available.