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BugByte 2.0 provided the missing link in software development for the NeXT Computer. The perfect addition to the NeXTstep development environment, BugByte 2.0 was a graphical environment for debugging programs at the source code level. The familiar NeXTstep interface provided by BugByte 2.0 offered the NeXT developer a programming tool which permitted faster and better identification of software bugs, increasing productivity and effectiveness almost immediately.

Version 2.0 Features

File Specification:
Pathnames for Sources
Current Working Directory
New Function Browser
New Read Only Text Option
New Line Number Option

Execution Control:
Point-and-Click Control
New Autostep Feature
New Return-to-PC Feature
New Autostart

New Drag-and-Drop Feature
New Save Feature
New Breakpoint Inspector
Break Conditions
Visual Indicators

Graphic Stack Display
Stack Frame Selection
User-Controlled Update
Stack Frame Information

Data Display:
Program Variables
New Variable Trace
Separate I/O Window
Memory Contents

Performance Improvements
Remote Debugging
Command Window to GDB
Font Selection for Text

ONyX Systems, Inc.
$295.00 U.S. Dollars
Site License Available
Educational Discount Available
BugByte is a trademark of ONyX Systems.

BugByte 2.0 Screen Grabs