Screen Machine II Developer Kit

The Developer Kit allowed the easy creation of video applications for the Screen Machine II™. It gave access to all Screen Machine functions and because it was written with Objectivc-C classes, it integrated well with the NeXTStep environment. Palettes, an NXLiveVideoView-compatible class and detailed manuals with programming examples were included. Updates and support were free for one year.

A full set of Objective-C classes supported the complete functionality of the board. It included View and Window classes as well as ImageReps for the YUV Image format of the Screen Machine. Backwards compatibility for programs developed for the NeXTdimension™ board was ensured through the SMLivcVidcoVicw class. SMPalette permitted the easy development of live-video applications and operated under the Interface Builder test mode.

Ample examples demonstrated the possible use of the Screen Machine. It was a quick scan for developers, as most of the code could be readily used in their programs. 140 pages of detailed documentation was included, describing everything from the basics of video and the specifics of the board to an extended explanation of all the SMKit classes. Tutorials based on the examples provide a step-by-step introduction to the capabilities of the board.

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