Additional Object-Oriented Development Tools for App Kit & DB Kit

ESPRESSO! Developer was a third party Interface Builder object palette that provided a suite of extensions to existing App Kit and DB Kit objects, as well as providing new objects that increased the object-oriented development capabilities of the environment. ESPRESSO!Developer supported Objective-C methods under Test Interface mode but also provided its own language that is very easy to learn and can be mastered in days.

As advanced as NEXTSTEP was, it fell a little short in two areas for database programmers.

First, it required knowledge of Objective C which was an object-oriented superset of C, and which was the native language of NEXTSTEP). Many database programmers were much more comfortable with a 4GL designed specifically for database programming than they are with C (not to mention Objective C or C++). These programmers needed an environment that harnesses NeXTSTEP but lets them use a 4GL in the places where coding is required.

Second, Interface Builder's "Test Interface" mode just tested the NEXTSTEP user-interface objects, not the behavior that a programmer's code added to the application. For the non-graphical components of an application, you still had to revert to the traditional, tedious development cycle: edit, compile, build, test.

ESPRESSO! filled the first gap with ESPRESSO! Script Language (ESL), an easy-to-learn 4GL with a library of routines for database programming. It filled the second gap with a unique Interface Builder "palette" that let you link in your ESL code and run your entire application right inside "Test Interface" mode.


• Support of DB Kit's database independence; apps developed with ESPRESSO! Developer will recompile on any database with a DB Kit adaptor.

• Developing applications with ESPRESSO! requires no prior knowledge of the App Kit; this feature allows you to train programmers while they develop mission critical apps.

• No royalties or licensing fees; applications developed with ESPRESSO! Developer compile into independent applications that do not require ESPRESSO! Developer to run.


Templates for NEXTSTEP text fields and DB Table Views. They do data validation and view formatting:
• money
• date/time
• character field
• text field
• floating point field
• integer field

Required NEXTSTEP Release 3.1 or higher.




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