Tap the power of comprehensive revision control with DRCS™—the graphical, directory-capable revision control system that made everything from recovering old versions of reports and spreadsheets to managing large multi-user development projects as easy as using the NeXTStep File Viewer. DRCS provided project lifetime tracking and revision control for entire directories as well as files. Users could freely access the contents of a directory revision archive or treat the entire archive as a single unit. DRCS directory archives maintain a history of their previous contents, even if component files have been renamed or deleted.

Users could access the full power of the system through the DRCS graphical user interface or from a terminal window. The DRCS graphical user interface allowed the user to open an arbitrary number of Workspace Manager-like File Viewers. Revision control was provided transparently through standard mouse operations.

DRCS and all other SS&S CASE Tools were sold under a floating license for maximum convenience..

Software Services and Solutions. Inc.

Paget Press
The listed price was for a single-user license to a multi-architecture binary (all
architectures). Multi-user and site licenses were available at discounts