SysVIPC offered NeXTStep programmers the ability to use UNIX System V-style shared memory and semaphores in their code, thus enhancing portability on one side and ease of porting existing applications that used the UNIX Syscem V shared memory and semaphore application
programming interface on the other side.

In addition to System V UNIX implementations, operating systems with that application programming interface included Digital Corporation's
Ultrix™ 4 and Sun Microsystem's SunOS 4 BSD-style UNIX implementations.

R&A, for instance, used SysVIPC for the shared memory and semaphores when porting the University Postgres
RDBMS (which was available as a separate product).

Special care had been taken with respect to security. As a result, the implementation ran in user space and did not needed modifications to the kernel on machines where programs used it. Both source code and Multiple Architecture Binaries were available.

$99 first CPU binary license
$19-$69 for multiples
Academic and quantity discounts were available.