PCYACC Language Toolkit

PCYACC® Version 5.0 was a complete language development environment that generated ANSI C source code from input language description grammars for building assemblers, compilers, interpreters, browsers, page description languages, language translators, syntax-directed editors, language validators, natural language processors, expert system shells and query languages.

PCYACC included drop-in language engines for dBASE, PostScript, Hypertalk, Smalltalk-80, C++, C, Pascal, PROLOG, Fortran, Fortran-90, Cobol, Cobol-85, Visual BASIC, LEX, YACC, GW BASIC, RTF, SNA/LU, SGML, ASN, RPG, REXX, PL1, ADA, SQL, SQL2 and DB2.

Free demo copies were available on request.

Abraxas Software