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MathPalette (pictured below) provides tools for developing applications that rely on Mathematica. The objects on MathPalette allow you to incorporate models developed with Mathematica in your Objective-C applications. MathPalette allows you to separate the functionality of your application from the implementation of underlying mathematical models. MathPalette extends the Interface Builder development environment to promote rapid development of applications that communicate with Mathematica.

SmartFieldPalette (not pictured) assists the application developer by providing data input fields that automatically restrict input, format input, report errors, and notify the user of field content changes. The features of the OTSmartField can be enabled or disabled using Interface Builder. The OTSmartField promotes rapid development of applications that require input to be a specific data type, format, or from a specific set of valid values. OTSmartField provides extensive validation of the application user's input with minimal programming effort.

GraphPalette (pictured below) provides tools for graphing data in your custom applications. GraphPalette allows you to separate the data in your application from the implementation of graphical representations. Using GraphPalette and Interface Builder, the application developer can easily include fully interactive graphs of multiple range two-dimensional data in custom applications.

ChooserPalette (not pictured) provides a graphical object that encapsulates selection list management functions. The OTChooser is a control that displays its selection list in a scrolling region with an optional title. In addition to text, the OTChooser entries can optionally display an icon, a tag value, and a marker which indicates whether the entry has been selected by the user. The OTChooser can send a user specified action to a target when one or more of its cells are selected. The action may be different for single mouse clicks and double mouse clicks.

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