ObjectWorks Smalltalk

ObjectWorks® Smalltalk was an object-oriented system for developing color graphic applications that run unchanged on UNIX, PC and Macintosh workstations under their standard windowing system. Without changing a single line of code, you could run applications instantaneously across operating systems, hardware platforms and windowing systems. ObjectWorks Smalltalk consisted of three components: Smalltalk, the Portable Objects™ class library and integrated development tools. Smalltalk was dynamically compiled, offering the performance of compiled code and easier debugging. The mature Portable Objects included essential building blocks from GUI classes to all of the development tools, which provided reusable code. The integrated, designed-for-ohjects development tools included multiple inspectors and browsers, a symbolic debugger and an application delivery optimizer, which improved programmer productivity.

Additional products included ObjectKit™ Smalltalk Advanced Programming, which offered a variety of specialized cools to optimize applications and increase developers' productivity and ObjectKit Smalltalk C Programming, which provided developers with an easy, direct way of creating applications that took advantage of external C libraries, code and applications.

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