DELTA-T™ provided configuration management and release tracking features that allowed you to easily manage the complexities of team-oriented software development. With DELTA-T, you could easily access any version of your source code or merge the changes made by other team members
into your local source files. Features allowed you to:

• Work with a team on the same application or file and let DELTA-T automatically merge the
• Graphically merge files using FileMerge™
• Easily interact with DELTA-T using the SIGHT-C-ING™ Source Browser
• Graphically view project and file revision trees
• Simply drag and drop release nodes to perform diffs, merges and other operations
• Customize the tool palette to extend and integrate DELTA-T into your environment
• Easily work with NeXTStep file bundles, such as RTFD and nib files
• Manage both binary and ASCII files
• Work with multiple platforms, such as UNIX, OS/2® and MS-DOS, using the CVS®
command line interface
• Easily go back to any version of your application
• Create experimental versions of your application and then merge the results
Academic discounts were available.

Hypersight. Inc.
$295 Registered Developers