VDOdirector is the premiere full digital video edititing and production tool for NEXTSTEP. You may cut and edit NEXTIME movies in a timeline and create your own animation using proffessional titels, trick effects and sound. The result will be stored as a NEXTIME movie and can be played back on every NEXTIME capable system.

The digitized movies, e.g. by a MOVIE MACHINE PRO, can be dropped into the timeline. From a trick effect archive you may select and drop effects on a separate track and the result can be displayed immediately and saved to disk. Your own titles or graphics can be composed into the movie by colorkeying. The effect archive already provides several effects like "dissolve", "fade", "wipe", "flip" and many more. Nonlinear video editing is possible directly on your harddisk which means no quality losses and direct, random frame access. Features which have been uniquely reserved for professionals can now be in your system.

Be your own producer and director.

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