miroCRYSTAL 16SI, 20SD, 20SV, 32S and 40SV

The miroCRYSTAL 16Si, 20SD, 20SV, 32S and 40SV high-speed graphics boards were available for NeXTSTEP. The miroCRYSTAL family included graphics boards for every need, from simple office jobs to demanding graphics applications.

    All these products came in VLB or PCI.

    mini Computer Products. England
    $379 to $899
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    High Speed Graphics Boards


    The miroCRYSTAL high-speed graphics boards family is the ideal vehicle into the world of graphics accelerators. You will recognize them by their high performance, high resolutions, brilliant colors, and solid ergonomics. No matter if it's a simple office job or a demanding graphics application, the miroCRYSTAL family has the graphics board for everyone.


    • Extra high resolution of 1408 x 1024 pixels with a full range of 65,536 colors. For detailed color image editing, a 1024 x 786 pixel resolution with 16.7 million colors is provided.
    • Calibrated TrueColor provides the necessary constant representation on the monitor to reproduction on the output device.
    • miroCRYSTAL 32S has an accelerator chip specialized in speeding up graphics functions. miro offers models for EISA, VESA and PCI local bus in addition to ISA bus—enabling the user to select whichever bus system desirable.


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