Screen Machine II

Real-time True-color Video Digitizer and Multimedia Board

Screen Machine II was a high-quality and high-resolution VIDEO-overlay board for NEXTSTEP on Intel-based systems. Three video inputs enable the connection of every kind of video source - VCR, video cameras, S-VHS, ultrasound, or any other FBAS source. As a multistandard add-on board, it could digitize NTSC, PAL and Secam in maximum resolution. The built-in video processor required no computing power from the CPU and , through digital filtration, creates an optimum image for even weak video sources. Screen Machine II digitizes in 24-bic real time. The video image could be displayed, scaled and moved live in the NeXTStep window and pictures can lie saved as a TIFF or stored in Image databases. It supported resolutions for on-screen live video up to 1120x832.

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Several options for the Screen Machine were available:

  • SMTV was an intelligent, fully software controllable TV tuner.
  • An audio option controls up to three stereo inputs.
  • CODV, a hardware compression board, allowed the digitization of a video sequence in real time directly to a hard disk. which then allowed the use of animation.
  • The Developer Kit gave you full access 10 all Screen Machine functions. It contained several objects with over 200 methods for integration in NeXTStep applications.

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