Screen Machine Product Family

Screen Machine II
The Basics
Screen Machine II profits from all of the trusted features that have already made Screen Machine Classic for PC so successful. These include, of course, uncompromising quality with regard to picture display, file import/export in different standard image data formats, complete control of brightness, contrast, color saturation, RGB color components, extensive tools for display, frame grabbing, and processing, color chart optimization, and scalable picture area. All of this and we're thinking about the next generation too. Special connectors support the upgrading to a hardware compression. This accelerator will be available in the fall of 1993 and will lend wings to your video animation projects. You will be more than prepared for the future.


SM-TV: Intelligent Television

This external option is three devices in one that turn your computer into the smartest TV set around: a completely digital, controllable, cable-compatible TV tuner; a decoder than can convert videotext into ASCII format so that it can be imported into other applications. And there is a complete stereo pre-amplifier for two-channel sound too.


VDO Converter

for Screen Machine II
The additional board consists of a slot cover for the PC. It has over three stereo in put and two stereo output connections for controlling volume, treble, bass, and balance.

Developer Kit
for Screen Machine II
The programming interface for the Screen Machine II is made for NeXTSTEP. All classes, as standard in NeXT, are completely object-oriented and are thus easily integrated.
SMControl provides all of the functions of Screen Machine II so that programs can be written from this level. Of course, we have tried to incorporate everything you need for video in this class.
SMView also simplifies the display and operation in a NeXT window.

Since we are dealing with a video system, we are faced with picture information in Y (luminance) and UV (chrominance). This is where the SMYUVImageRep and the SMFLMImageRep take over. They contain all of the methods for manipulating the data of your raw footage and the simplest format conversion since TIFF.

To simplify the porting for those who have already developed programs for the NeXT dimension, we have developed a virtually compatible class. With SMLiveVideoView, you can address Screen Machine just like you would NeXT dimensions. Only a few exceptions like Video Out or Compositing cannot be realized due to the hardware.

The highpoint of every simple application or demo are the SMPalettes. With drag and drop operation, you can create a true multimedia application in a matter of seconds in the InterfaceBuilder.
The developer kit comprises a detailed manual, completely documented sample integrations and, for one year, free updates and e-Mail support.