PMHDE SCSI Hard Disk Enclosure

Pacific Microelectronics, Inc.

PMHDE, available from Pacific Microelectronics, the premier provider of external storage products for NeXT, Inc., was an external SCSI hard disk drive enclosure designed to be fully compatible with NeXT Computer Systems, both physically and functionally.

PMHDE could support either one or two SCSI hard disks in the standard 5.25" or 3.5 form factor. This enabled PMHDE to provide additional external disk storage for the NeXT of up to an optimum of 2.4 Giga Byte (two 1.2GB hard disks) in a single enclosure. You could daisy chain multiple PMHDEs to your NeXT computer. The enclosure of PMHDE was designed to be put on the side of the NeXTstation or to be stacked on top of the cube. PMHDE had two separate power supplies to ensure fail-safe operation. The internal/external SCSI and power cables were ready for easy installation.

Pacific Micro also offered a variety of high quality hard disk drives, ranging from 100 MB to 1.2 GB per drive. PMHDE, together with the hard disk drive, provided NeXT users with a simple and flexible way of expanding their disk storage capacity.


1. Supported industry standard 3.5" or 5.25" hard disk drives.
2. "Stackable" on top of the cube, or to be put on the side of the NeXTstation.
3. Designed specifically for compatible appearance with the NeXT computer.
4. Incorporated dual power supply and SCSI port.


1. Provided flexible hard drive accommodation enabling an optimum capacity
of up to 2.4GB of external storage in a single enclosure.
2. Flexible choice of placement for users.
3. Insured aesthetic appearance.
4. Safeguard power failure protection and additional SCSI device
5. Failsafe system for external disks

Q & A:

1. What type of hard disk drives can I choose from to put into the PMHDE?

The disk drives which are listed in the /etc/disktab file of your NeXT
system are ideal selections.

2. How many disk drives can the PMHDE accommodate?

One to two drives in industry standard 3.5" or 5.25" form factor.

3. What is the maximum disk capacity of the PMHDE?

This would really depend on the hard disk drive(s) you select to install. For example, if you selected to have installed two 1.2GB disks you gain a total of 2.4GB of extra storage for your NeXT Computer System.

4. How fast is the PMHDE?

In terms of seek time, the SCSI disk controller imbedded on the disk would be the determining factor. In general, seek times range from 13 to 19 milliseconds.


Suggested Retail Price: $995.00
Special Pricing Options available for Educational Institutions, NeXT Developers, as well as Local, State, and Federal Government. Please contact Pacific Microelectronics for details.

Pacific Microelectronics, Inc.