Everybody seems to be talking about NEXTIME. They are talking, but we are doing. The CODY(TM) is a hardware option for the SCREEN MACHINE II and MOVIE MACHINE PRO, which realizes a realtime hardware compression based on a M-JPEG algorithm for complete VIDEO sequences. The compression ratio may be controlled between 1:16 and 1:120 by the software to get the best results in resolution and frame rate for your system. The digitized movie is stored in a NEXTIME compatible format for further use. This means non linear video editing directly on the harddisk without losses. This is a feature which up until now was only affordable to professional studios.

The CODY is bidirectional, that means you may also play back NEXTIME movies thru this board. Using it togheter with a MOVIE MACHINE PRO the movie can even be recorded to a VCR again. For any further video details please refer to the SCREEN MACHINE II and MOVIE MACHINE PRO entries.


Intel July 94