NeXTdimension Color Board


The NeXTdimension color board gave the NeXTcube computer state-of-the-art color capabilities.

The NeXTdimension color board was designed for those requiring state-of-the-art color capabilities: 32-bit color capable of displaying 16.7 million colors, video-in and video-out, and color Display PostScript. NeXTdimension was designed for people who need the advanced color PostScript system available. It was ideal for high-end publishing, graphic arts, video, and animation applications.

The engineers at NeXT have integrated 32-bit true color that incorporates 8-bits of transparency, a 64-bit RISC processor that was dedicated as a graphics accelerator, and video display and playback, all on a single board. Its powerful Intel i860 RISC-based microprocessor operated at 33 megahertz and increased drawing speed eight to twelve times. The integrated video capabilities allowed you to connect the NeXTdimension boardo directly to VCRs, camcorders, and laserdisc players for viewing news in a window while simultaneously working on other applications. The NeXTdimension board required a NeXTcube system with a NeXTbus expansion slot.

To use the NeXTdimension board, you needed a NeXTcube with at least 16 megabytes of RAM and a 400-megabyte hard disk drive. You also needed either a MegaPixel Color Display with a Sound Box or you could choose to run the system with both a color display and a MegaPixel Monochrome Display simultaneously. NeXTstep Release 2.1 or higher was also required.

NeXTdimension Board
Intel i860 33MHz RISC Processor
8MB to 32MB of main memory expandable using simms
4MB VRAM video memory
32 bits/pixel color, including 8 bits/pixel alpha channel
Supports double-buffered 16 bits/pixel windows
1120x832 pixels
13W3 triple-coaxialed display output

Video Input/Output
NTSC Video input and output channels
Video output genlocked to input source
Closed-caption, TeleText and VITC support
One S-Video input using standard 4pin DIN jack
Two composite inputs using RCA style jack
One S-Video output
One composite output
One RGB video output using 9-pin D-Shell with EGA pinout

Color Display

17" Color display
1120x832 resolution at 2 bits/pixel at 92dpi
68Hz Refresh rate
0.26mm dot pitch
13W3 triple coaxialed connector
150W 120/240V Selectable


Integrated monophonic speaker and microphone
Headphone and RCA style stereo output jacks
NeXT keyboard and mouse interface

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