NeXT Cube


The NeXTcube was a versatile, easy-to-use workstation that could be utilized as a desktop monochrome system, true color 32-bitper- pixel color/video workstation or file server system, all featuring NeXT’s object-oriented operating and development environment.

Whether used with the NeXTdimension board as a standalone workstation incorporating 32-bit-per-pixel color/video, or as server on a network, the NeXTcube computer offered a tremendous amount of flexibility and performance in a single, onefoot- square magnesium cube. The system was built around the Motorola 25-megahertz 68040 CPU with integrated memory management and floating-point units, and includes the Motorola 56001 Digital Signal Processor for superior sound handling.

NeXTcube could be equipped with 16 to 64 megabytes of main memory, and offered a variety of storage options - ranging from a 2.88-megabyte floppy disk drive to hard drives with capacities from 400 megabytes to 2.8 gigabytes. In addition, there were three NeXTbus slots, so additional functionality could be added to the NeXTcube via NeXTbus expansion cards from third-party vendors or from NeXT, making the NeXTcube an extremely versatile workstation.

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System Board
Motorola 68040 25MHz CPU
Motorola 56001 25MHz Digital Signal Processor
15 Dhrystone MIPS
8MB to 64MB of main memory expandable using SIMM's

Mass Storage
3.5" 2.88MB Floppy Drive compatible with Mac and Dos disks
Internal 3.5" SCSI Hard Drive
Optional 256MB Optical Drive
Optional 5.25" CDROM drive

Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse included

Display, Keyboard and Mouse
17" Mono display
1120x832 resolution at 2 bits/pixel
68Hz Refresh rate
92 dpi
Integrated Mic and Speaker
84 key keyboard, including power, monitor brightness and volume control
Two button opto-mechanical mouse

Thin ethernet, IEEE 802.3a compatible
10Mbps 10Base-T and 10Base-2
Two RS-423 Serial Ports
SCSI-2 Connector, 4.8MB/s
Three NeXTbus expansion slots
Laser Printer port
Digital Signal Processor Port
MexaPixel Display Port

Other Specs
1ft x 1ft x 1ft die-cast magnesium cube
Room for two full height 5.25" mass storage devices or three half-height drives
20lbs to 37lbs.
100V to 240V
300W 5A Maximum (including display)

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