NeXTStation Color


NeXTstation Color computers combined near-photographic quality color and an object-oriented operating and development environment in an easy-to-use, professional color workstation.

In addition to the same powerful core technologies found in all NeXTstation computers, the 25-megahertz NeXTstation Color and 33 megahertz NeXTstation Turbo Color could also display 4,096 colors simultaneously on NeXT's MegaPixel Color Displays. The ability to display true color images maked these systems ideal for publishing, presentations, graphic design, computer-aided design, data analysis, and virtually all other applications where color display capabilities are required. NeXTstation Color computers—which could be configured with 16 to 128 MB of memory—took advantage of the color support offered in Display PostScript, which featured the capability of real-time software dithering allowing NeXTstation Color computers to display 32-bit-per-pixel images in 16 bits with near-photographic quality.

The technical advances featured in the NeXTstation Color product line, combined with an operating and development environment unequalled in the computer industry, added up to a highly capable system.

System Board
Motorola 68040 25MHz CPU
Motorola 56001 25MHz Digital Signal Processor
15 Dhrystone MIPS
12MB to 32MB of main memory expandable using SIMM's
1.5MB VRAM video memory
16 bits/pixel color
4 bits/pixel alpha channel
4096 simultaneously displayable colors

Mass Storage
3.5" 2.88MB Floppy Drive compatible with Mac and Dos disks
Internal 3.5" SCSI Hard Drive

Display, Keyboard and Mouse
17" Color display
1120x832 resolution at 2 bits/pixel at 92dpi
68Hz Refresh rate
0.26mm dot pitch
84 key keyboard, including power, monitor brightness and volume control
Two button opto-mechanical mouse

Integrated monophonic speaker and microphone
Headphone and RCA style stereo output jacks
NeXT keyboard and mouse interface

Thin ethernet, IEEE 802.3a compatible
10Mbps 10Base-T and 10Base-2
Two RS-423 Serial Ports
SCSI-2 Connector, 4.8MB/s
Laser Printer port
Digital Signal Processor Port
MexaPixel Display Port

Other Specs
15.66 in. X 14.35 in. X 2.5 in.
Magnesium structure with plastic cover
12lbs to 14.5lbs.
Parallel Resonance Switching Technology
100V to 240V self adapting
150W 2.5A Maximum (including display)

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