NeXT Color Monitor Replacement

Many NeXT color monitors used on color slabs (NeXTstations) and cubes, have dimmed over time, lost contrast or just plain stopped working. You had two choices: either search for a replacement monitor second-hand, or get rid of your NeXT hardware altogether. computerActive provided a third choice. By purchasing a computerActive pigtail adapter you can continue using your NeXT color hardware with a high quality PC monitor.

The "PigTail video adapter" adapts the NeXT cable (13AWG connector) to a standard RGB (Sync on Green) BNC connector. With it you could replace you aging NeXT Monitor with an appropriate high quality PC monitor at a greatly reduced cost. When you finally decide to retire your NeXTstation you can redeploy the monitor onto other computers..



Most often asked question:
Q: If I can use a high end PC monitor on my NEXTSTATION, can I do the inverse?
(i.e. Can I use my NeXT color monitor on a PC connecting to their standard VGA cable end?)

A: Sorry computerActive did not make an adapter for a color NeXT monitor to standard VGA cable end.
The Standard VGA connector has five separate pins for Red, Green, Blue, Horizontal and Vertical Sync as well as ground.
The Unix workstation standard (NeXT included) uses only three pins, Red, Green and Blue with horizontal and vertical sync overlaid on the Green pin.

Several high end PC monitors have both BNC and VGA connectors. Inside the monitor they split off the "Sync on green" signals from the BNC connectors. If you do not have a monitor with this capability you can buy a special box to do it but it is several hundred dollars. It's better to get an appropriate monitor.computerActive

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