NeXTStation Monochrome


NeXTstation computers combined state-of-the-art technology with an object-oriented operating and development environment into an easy-to-use, affordable professional workstation.

Powered by the Motorola 68040, both the 25-megahertz NeXTstation and the 33-megahertz NeXTstation Turbo offered an unprecedented number of features at an affordable price. Each system featureed two new NeXT-designed VLSI chips, Motorola's 56001 Digital Signal Processor, as well as built-in networking capabilities. The result was a class of workstations ideally suited for creating and deploying custom mission-critical applications and running world class productivity applications.

The NeXTstation Turbo included 16 megabytes of main memory, which could be expanded to an impressive 128 megabytes. A choice of either 250 or 400 megabytes of hard disk storage space was available, both options coming preloaded with NeXT system software making NeXTstations productive right out of the box. Also included was a 2.88-megabyte, 3.5-inch floppy disk drive capable of reading and writing to 1.44 MB and 720 KB diskettes in UNIX, MS-DOS, and 1.44 MB in Macintosh formats.

All NeXT computers were designed from the beginning to be part of a connected workplace. From the true multitasking capabilities of UNIX to the built-in, high performance Ethernet-including twisted-pair and thin Ethernet-NeXTstations could be easily configured into any network, including IBM PCs and compatibles, Sun and Macintosh computers, and DEC and IBM mainframes.

System Board
Motorola 68040 25MHz CPU
Motorola 56001 25MHz Digital Signal Processor
15 Dhrystone MIPS
8MB to 32MB of main memory expandable using SIMM's

Mass Storage

3.5" 2.88MB Floppy Drive compatible with Mac and Dos disks
Internal 3.5" SCSI Hard Drive

Display, Keyboard and Mouse
17" Mono display
1120x832 resolution at 2 bits/pixel
68Hz Refresh rate
92 dpi
Integrated Mic and Speaker
84 key keyboard, including power, monitor brightness and volume control
Two button opto-mechanical mouse

Thin ethernet, IEEE 802.3a compatible
10Mbps 10Base-T and 10Base-2
Two RS-423 Serial Ports
SCSI-2 Connector, 4.8MB/s
Laser Printer port
Digital Signal Processor Port
MexaPixel Display Port

Other Specs
15.66 in. X 14.35 in. X 2.5 in.
Magnesium structure with plastic cover
12lbs to 14.5lbs.
Parallel Resonance Switching Technology
100V to 240V self adapting
150W 2.5A Maximum (including display)


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