NeXT Color Printer


The NeXT Color Printer offered high-quality color output, with the ability to print on tabloid-size paper, at the cost of most black-and-white PostScript laser printers.

The NeXT Color Printer offered laser-quality, 360 x 360 dot-per-inch (dpi) performance for stunning color output. Designed to print from letter size up to 11" x 17," the printer was ideal for business and presentation graphics, technical illustrations, and color publishing requiring two-up printing capability.

Utilizing the same PostScript Level II implemented in NeXTstep Release 3, the NeXT Color Printer assured that your output was an accurate reproduction of the screen image. And any PostScript font available on your NeXT computer was available for printing on the NeXT Color Printer, even in color.

The NeXT Color Printer provided the highest-quality output on light-coated ink-jet paper, but would also print on plain typing bond paper and letter-size transparencies. Together, the NeXTstation Color computer and NeXT Color Printer offered a powerful, yet affordable, color system.

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