NeXT Mouse Replacement for all non-ADB NeXT (black) computers

After NeXT stopped making computer hardware, it seemed like the old NeXT computers would last forever. They typically stopped being used simply because the mechanical mouse finally failed. computerActive became a source of replacement mice that when attached to their custom adapter allowed NeXT computers to be used for several more years.

This custom adapter that allowed readily available (at the time) high quality Bus Mice to be used on all non-ADB NeXT (black) computers.

You could buy the adapter and get a Bus Mouse elsewhere but but computerActive negotiated a special volume deal so they could provide the adapter and mouse for less than the price you would normally pay for the Bus Mouse Kit alone!

The Price for the mouse and converter: $59.95 US (Shipping and handling extra)

No trade in required. Keep your NeXT mouse as a conversation piece and save the return shipping charges.

Here were your choices:

A) computerActive (Adapter only):

1. computerActive Adapter $15.00
Warranty 1 yr
2. You buy the Mouse elsewhere $70.00 (estimated)
Total $85.00

B) computerActive (Adapter and Mouse)
Set (no exchange req'd) $59.95
Warranty 1 yr
Shipping and handling extra. All prices in US dollars.

Interesting comment from computerActive's web page:

"As an ex-Next hardware warranty service center we have been servicing NeXT hardware for years and continue to do so (subject to parts availability) which is why we developed MouseTail for our direct customers.

The mouse replacement adapter is boring technology. It's simply well executed in a cost effective manner. The hardest part was negotiating a deal with a quality mouse manufacturer for the supply of the BUS Mouse without the ISA card, DOS floppy and DOS manual which is typically shipped in the off the shelf package. These components are throw aways for NEXT users.

We offer the adapter alone or in combination with the specially priced mouse with a one year warrantee.

We were shocked at the demand. We posted on the Net Friday evening. We were out of stock Monday noon. We have recovered from that surprise but continue to be amazed at the demand worldwide. We have done some world beating systems (see Transport Canada article in Summer 1995 NEXT IN LINE for an example) but it's the little things (MouseTails) that got the most interest. Go figure...

More information:

See the review in the NEXT IN LINE February 1996 issue. We received five stars!"


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