NeXT External CD-ROM Drive


The NeXT External CD-ROM Drive provided immediate access to large stores of information.

With a capacity of up to 680 megabytes of stored data, the NeXT External CD-ROM Drive was ideal for people who desired an efficient means to generate a backup copy of their system software from a CD-ROM disc. CD-ROM discs also provided a convenient way to update or load additional software onto your hard disk drive or network server. You could copy industry standard files such as TIFF, EPS, RTF, or text, into applications running on your NeXT computer, or move the data onto your hard disk, to take advantage of all the editing options available on NeXT systems.

The drive also allowed you to explore the multitude of CD-ROM discs holding digitally recorded text, graphics, and sound files, as well as listen to your favorite audio CDs by using the drive's RCA jacks. Switch back and forth, as you desire.

The NeXT External CD-ROM Drive supported the major file formats, High Sierra, ISO-9660, and Rockridge, making it possible to select from an expansive range of available CD-ROM titles, as well as high-quality color and PostScript image files.

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