Programming the Display Postscript System with NeXTSTEP

Programming Display PS

From the back cover:
"The PostScript language has had a profound effect on visual communications, enabling users to integrate high-quality text, graphics, and images. The Display PostScript system brings to interactive displays the same powerful graphics capabilities that have made the Display PostScript language an industry-standard for hardcopy output devices.

With the Display PostScript, application developers can use the PostScript language imaging model as a screen graphics library to display all objects to be drawn on the screen-text, graphics, and images. The Display PostScript system ships as part of the NeXTstep window system and is available as an extension to the X Windows System.

This book, Programming the Display PostScript system with NeXTstep, is written for the NeXT programming environment; however, much of the information it contains applies to all Display PostScript developers. The book explains the language extensions commonly used within applications, describes many of the key aspects of the PostScript language imaging model, and provides a framework for creating Display PostScript language applications. Topics include:

PostScript language coordination system
Offset offering
Drawing optimizations
Displaying text
Hit detection
Drawing patterns
Importing EPS and TI FF files
Binary encoded formats

The Display PostScript system gives developers the power and flexibility to create next-generation applications with imaging capabilities superior to those of applications based on other imaging models. Programming the Display PostScript System with NeXTstep is an indispensable reference for developers creating those applications."

Addison-Wesley Publishing Company Incorporated
Copyright 1992
380 pages

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