NeXTStep Developers Library

The NeXTStep Developers Library by NeXT Computer, Inc. provided authoritative and detailed descriptions of the inner workings of Release 3 of the NeXTStep programming environment, which was available on HP PA-RISC, Intel 486-and Pentium-based systems as well as on NeXT computers. It was essential reading for any programmer working with the NEXTSTEP environment.

• NeXTStep General Reference: Release 3, Vol. I-a comprehensive guide to the application programming interface for the Application Kit and common classes ($44.95, 1,248 pages)

• NeXTStep General Reference: Release 3, Vol. 2-a comprehensive guide 10 the application programming interfaces of the other NeXTStep kits and libraries, including the Database Kit, Indexing Kit, AD Graphics Kit and Distributed Objects library ($44.95,1,376 pages)

• NeXTStep Development Tools and Techniques: Release 3-an overview of the application development process and a complete description of the essential tools found in the NEXTSTEP development environment ($30.95, 480 pages)

• NeXTStep Object-Oriented Programming and the Objective C language: Release 3-the official description of the Objective C language as it was implemented in NeXTStep and an introduction to the principles of object-oriented programming ($24.95, 256 pages)

• NeXTStep User Interface Guidelines: Release 3-the official recommendations for developing user interfaces for NeXTStep applications ($24.95, 208 pages)

• NeXTStep Programming Interface Summary: Release 3-an essential quick reference to the NEXTSTEP Release 3 Application Programming Interface ($30.95, 480 pages)

• NeXTStep Operating System Sofrs'anr: Release 3-a complete description of Mach-the version of die UNIX operating system used by NeXT-and other low-level software ($28.95, 464 pages)

• NeXTStep Network and System administration: Release 3-a complete guide to administering NEXTSTEP computers, both standalone and in networks ($34.95, 256 pages)

• NeXTStep Database Kit Concepts: Release 3-an informative book introducing the benefits of object-oriented programming to developers of custom database applications, including practical demonstrations of the Database Kit's used and explanations of the theory
underlying its architecture ($24.95, 177 pages)

NEXTSTEP Developer's Library was available in technical bookstores throughout the United States and Europe.

Addison-Wesley Publishing Co.

NeXT Computer, Inc.
$24.95 and up
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