NEXTSTEP Programming: Concepts and Applications

NEXTSTEP Programming: Concepts and Applications by Alex Duong Nghiem was a comprehensive text for developers interested in writing NeXTStep applications, with an emphasis on objectoriented design. Assuming a minimal background in C, this classroom-tested text begins with objects, object-oriented analysis, design, programming and Objective C. The remaining chapters cover NeXTStep Release 3 and its bundled development cools. The book included dozens of hands-on examples and three complete applications illustrated in a step-by-step format.

Each application was analyzed from the specifications using the well-known CRC methodology and designed using message diagrams and class summary cables. The text explored various designs for each application and explained the advantages and disadvantages of each design. Each chapter concluded with a troubleshooting section that explained common design and programming mistakes.

The appendices of the book covered tips on the various programming tools, including HeaderViewer and Digital Librarian, debugging techniques in Gdb and much more.

Object Lesson

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