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A programmer’s guide to object based computing on the NeXT Computer.

From the First Issue June 1992:

“Welcome to our first issue

The first issue of any new publication is a difficult time. While the vision for starting the publication, and its purpose is clear -- in our case to provide a forum for NeXT programmers to discuss object-oriented programming and interpersonal computing (Object-Based Computing for short) -- the publication has no readers as yet.

Any good publication is considered to be so because it has carefully listened to the needs of its readers. As a new publication we have no readers to guide us toward “the good,.” so our first attempt should be seen as an initial throw at the dart board -- a first attempt to judge distance and speed.

For us to improve our aim, and become a valuable asset to you, we need your judgement. Please send mail, electronic messages, and do not hesitate to call with comments on our publication. We want to know what you think of what we have done and, more importantly, what you want us to do to improve.

In the months ahead I plan to use this column to tell you about the comments I have received and let you know what we are doing to act upon them. Each month I will be trying to incorporate a few of your comments into the newsletter so that we can do a better and better job of hitting the bull’s-eye with the NeXT programming community.

The best way to reach us is through electronic mail. If you do not currently have access to mail I strongly encourage you to change this situation. There are a number of different services which can provide mail access from your machine to the CIX network (or Commercial Internet) and from there to the rest of the world. We happen to use PSI which costs a mere $25 per month for store and forward mail access.

Thank you for becoming a reader of OBC and I will look forward to your

Ted Shelton, Editor
Object-Based Computing

Object-Based Computing was published often by Information Technology Solutions, Inc.