NeXTSTEP Programming, Step 1: Object Oriented Apps

NEXTSTEP Programming by Simson L. Garfinkcl and Michael K. Mahoney was a book and disk package about programming computers running NEXTSTEP. It was a no-nonsense, hands-on book that taught programmers how to write application programs that take full advantage of NEXTSTEP for NeXT and Intel-based computer systems.

This book was the first comprehensive work dealing with NeXTStep programming. It begins with 4 chapters of introductory material chat describe the NeXTStep environment and its development tools and the object-oriented nature of the environment. The 17 remaining chapters show how to build three sophisticated applications from start to finish in a step-by-Step tutorial manner; a mulcibasc calculator, a mathematical expression-solving program and a graphing program. The complete source code for all programs in the book, as well as a tutorial for Interface Builder, was contained on the bundled floppy disk.

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