SPARCstation Voyager


Sun SPARCstation Voyager delivers the high performance, broad capabilities, and large displays our customers expect in a SPARCstation. But in a system that is remarkably compact, quiet, and energy efficient. So if your deskspace is limited, or your work takes you out of the office, you won't sacrifice any workstation functionality.

Choose a traditional color monitor or one of the industry's best active-matrix LCD flat-panel monitors -- monochrome or color. The superb flat panels provide a flicker-free, emission-free, high-resolution display on a large yet wafer-thin screen

With the exceptional price/performance the SPARCstation product line is famous for, the SPARCstation Voyager gives you all of the features your business needs for full client-server computing in your office or at any other site. With support for remote networking and ISDN built in, plus an optional internal modem with fax software, you have all the functionality you need for your everyday tasks no matter how or where you use your workstation. A universal power supply lets you plug it in on any desk around the world (and there's an optional battery in case there's no where to plug it in), so the world's first full-featured nomadic workstation allows you to take your entire computing environment with you when you leave your office.

And like all SPARCstation systems, the SPARCstation Voyager is easily expandable. Saving time and money, easily installed cards let you expand incrementally from 16 to 80 MB of memory.

All this power and functionality, yet the Energy Star-certified SPARCstation Voyager makes less noise, gives off less heat, and consumes less power than any other workstation thanks to its energy-efficient, convection-cooled design. A sophisticated power-management system shuts off unused ports and devices to permit the SPARCstation Voyager to deliver maximum performance using minimal energy.

Of course, the SPARCstation Voyager is fully compatible with our entire line of scalable SPARC products: It comes bundled with Solaris, the leading 32-bit UNIX operating environment, which enhances the UNIX operating system's inherent multitasking capability and runs thousands of your favorite applications. And of course, the SPARCstation Voyager features the kind of built-in networking that has made Sun the industry leader in open client-server computing. So it fits in with your existing equipment as easily as it fits on your desk.

You simply won't find a smaller workstation with such big abilities.

Features & Benefits

• 60-MHz microSPARC-II Processor
Fast Performance, low-Cost, low-power design
Single-chip integer and floating-point processor
• Highly integrated CPU board design
Reduced chip count increases system reliability
Allows for compact 5.5- by 14.5-inch chassis
Supports desktop packs for CD-ROM, disk, and tape
• Advanced networking
Built-in twisted-pair Ethernet for standard, high-speed networking
Onboard ISDN supports WAN and digital telephony
• Choice of monitors
Active-matrix flat panel color, monochrome, or traditional color monitor
High-resolution, flicker-free display
• Ergonomic keyboard and mouse
Small, full-function keyboard takes up less space
• New Interfaces
Infrared port for communications with PDAs and palmtop computers
PCMCIA expansion for modems, network options and storage cards
Connectivity for printer, external modems, and hand-held computing devices
• Convection cooling
No fan for quiet operation
Energy-efficient design