Intel Hardware for NeXTStep

This is a list of Intel computer that were certified to run the NeXT operating system accordong to the following Hardware compatibility specification:

NeXTSTEP 486 - Desktop Systems Hardware Compatibility Overview

This document describes in general terms, the types of IBM Compatible PC based hardware that will be supported by NeXTSTEP 486 in it's First General Release. For specific supported configurations please refer to the NeXTSTEP 486 Hardware Compatibility Guide. For any hardware specification or purchase, please contact NeXT for the latest update to this Guide. This overview is preliminary, and subject to change as additional PC hardware is certified for NeXTSTEP 486.

General Requirements:

CPU - 486 based PC Compatible Computer. This includes 486SX, 486DX, 486DX/2. Future Intel Microprocessor designs in the x86 family will also be supported. ISA or EISA expansion bus. 486DX and 486DX/2's are recommended for better performance.

Available Hard Disk Space - User Environment, 120 MB Minimum. Developer Environment, 330 MB Minimum. Larger local disks are recommended for stand alone systems.


NeXTSTEP 486's Display Postscript Graphics system supports both Grayscale and Color on 486 based PC's. The Graphics Adapter support and RAM requirements vary depending upon the user's selection of Grayscale or Color.

2 Bit Grayscale System Support:

Graphics Adapters - Most VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) compatible VGA or Super VGA Graphics Adapters. This includes popular Super VGA cards from vendors such as the Orchid, ATI, Paradise, Video Seven and Compaq. These graphics adapters will be supported at resolutions of 1024x768, 800x600 and 640x480. Resolutions at or above 800x600 are recommended.

RAM - Minimum 8 MB, 12 MB Recommended.

16 Bit Color System Support:

Graphics Adapters - In order to provide adequate performance and Color Quality, NeXTSTEP 486 requires High Performance "Workstation" style Graphics Adapters. Many new Graphics Systems are being introduced that meet these requirements, they include Intel JAWS (such as DELL Processor-Direct Graphics), Chips and Technologies Wingine, and certain Local Bus Graphics. Depending upon the size of available VRAM (Video RAM) resolutions of 800x600, 1024x768, 1120x832 and 1280x1024 will be supported. Graphics Adapters designed for EISA based PC's are available (such as Compaq QVision 1024/E) or being developed, these are currently being evaluated for performance and may provide an easy upgrade for existing EISA PC's.

RAM - Minimum 16 MB, 24 MB Recommended.

Additional Device Support:

Disk Interfaces - Both IDE and SCSI Hard Disk Interfaces will be supported. SCSI adapters from Adaptec and DPT (for both ISA and EISA) will be supported, with more to follow.

Pointing Devices - Microsoft and Logitec compatible Bus, PS/2 port and Serial mice are supported. In addition certain graphics tablets will also be supported.

Printer Support - Any Postscript Level I or II printer connected via a serial or parallel port, including the NeXT Color Printer (connected via a SCSI port). Support of Non-Postscript printers will be available in a future release.

Networking Support - ISA and EISA based Networking Adapters will be supported including Ethernet and Token Ring Cards from vendors such as SMC (Western Digital), Intel and 3Com. A Networking card is optional.

Sound Support - Most popular PC sound Cards will be supported for both Playback and Recording. These include PC Sound Adapters such as the Sound Blaster, MediaVision Pro Audio Spectrum and Integrated Business Audio from Compaq. A Sound card is optional.

ISDN Support - NeXTSTEP 486 will also support high speed digital ISDN connections through an ISA add-on card.

Additional Devices - Other popular PC peripherals such as FAX/Modems and FAX/Modem add-on cards will be supported.