Series 700 Model 712 Workstations

The HP 9000 Model 712 was the latest member to the Series 700 family. It introduced the next generation PA 7100 family of CPU chips providing a higher level of integration at a substantially lower cost. What this meant to the customer was outstanding performance at new low prices. The addition of Model 712 workstations to the product line allowed HP to offer a universal client with future-proofing capability. Bi-endian design in the PA-RISC 7100LC processor provided porting capability to virtually any operating system. Customers had flexibility in converting if system strategy shifts. The product family was made up of two models: the 712/60 and the 712/80. The numbers after the slashes indicated the clock speed.

The HP 9000 Model 712/60 and 712/80 workstations delivered outstanding computation, graphics, and networking performance at a very low cost. They were the workstations of choice for users of Enterprise Desktop applications that require fast processor and X window system performance. They also provided the solution for those seeking a workstation with outstanding graphics capabilities and superior integer performance for technical applications.

Models 712/60 and 712/80 were designed with ease of installation, expansion and serviceability in mind.

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