Canon object.station 41

At the time, the most powerful 486 based solution for NEXTSTEP: the Canon object.station 41personal workstation. It was built around the 100Mhz Intel 486DX4 processor, upgradeable to Pentium and beyond. It set new standards for video performance, driven by a proprietary sub-system that knew the difference between MS-DOS, Windows and NEXTSTEP. Everything you needed was there. NeXTStep and Insignia’s SoftPC were pre-installed. A SCSI controller and Ethernet were already on-board. You got four open expansion slots. There was a CD-quality audio, a built-in microphone, speaker and an optional integrated CD-ROM player. Even NeXT-specific keycaps and keyboard controls for audio volume and monitor brightness were included. The Canon object.station 41 was the only Intel 486DX4 based personal workstation that was designed to run NEXTSTEP. Its video performance is dramatically faster than any other product in its class -- ideal for the demands.

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