DBKIT: Developing Object-Oriented Database Applications

"For businesses to compete in the 1990s, requires effective management of one of their most valuable assets, their information. More than ever, organizations are realizing that distributed access to accurate and timely information is a strategic competitive weapon and vital to organizational success.

But as an organization’s information requirements increase, MIS departments face a growing backlog of applications. And, often a bottleneck occurs as they try to provide decision makers with what they desperately need—the right data, on time, presented in an intuitive fashion. All too frequently, the “right” data exists, but in different databases dispersed throughout the organization, and designed with experts, not users, in mind.

NeXT designed the Database Kit! (DBKit) so organizations can have flexible access to data which is fully integrated with their custom applications. DBKit provides transparent access to data throughout an organization, exploits the NeXT! price/performance advantage, and reduces time and cost of the application development cycle."

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DBKIT- Developing Object-Oriented Database Applications