eXTRASLIDE was GS Corporation's highly advanced software for imaging presentation graphics. The eXTRASLIDE front-end application accepted TIFF, EPS and single-page PostScript files, and allowed users to scale and position the slides and to set custom background colors.

eXTRASLIDE drove the Polaroid C1-5000S Digital Palette Film Recorder, which was capable of outputting images to 35-mm slides, 4" x 5" instant prints and other photographic media at resolutions of up to 4,096 lines.

eXTRASLIDE could also be configured as a system-level printer driver, which allowed users to obtain output from any application that prints, such as Concurrence or Virtuoso. As a standalone application, eXTRASLIDE supported batch processing so that multiple slides of varying file types could be imaged without further supervision.

With the addition of Partner, the Macintosh-to-NEXTSTEP networking solution from IPT, Inc. (also described in this site), Macintosh users could also access eXTRASLIDE to obtain fast, PostScript Level 2 output. eXTRASLIDE, like all of GS Corporation's eXTRAPRINT produces, incorporated GS Corporation's color management technology, which performed on-the-fly color correction at output time.

The eXTRASLIDE bundle included the eXTRASLIDE driver, the Polaroid C1-5000S film recorder and a 35-mm camera back. Auco film processors, slide mounters and starter film packs are also available from GS Corporation.

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