OpenStep and Solaris White Paper

The SunSoft / NeXT collaboration combines the distributed computing strengths of Solaris, including the system-wide object services provided by Project DOE, with NeXT's OpenStep, the industry leader in object-oriented applications development and end-user computing. This white paper describes OpenStep's features and benefits and SunSoft's plans for incorporating OpenStep into Solaris.

The OpenStep Initiative
The primary goal of the OpenStep initiative is the creation of an open, high-volume portable standard for object-oriented computing. The benefit of this intended standard is to enable the rapid development of business applications, including distributed applications which fully exploit the power of client/server computing through the use of object technology.

Providing a rich object solution for client/server computing requires an open standard. This standard should include:
  • A robust, scalable and reliable operating system foundation based on open systems standards;
  • A common services architecture for distributed computing based on objects;
  • Integrated and complete object-oriented development tools allowing the rapid creation of client/server applications;
  • An object-oriented framework accessible to all applications and developers; and
  • An end-user environment built to exploit the ease of use and integration provided by an object-oriented foundation.

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