NeXTstep Release 3

NeXTstep Release 3 adds database access, extensive connectivity, and information linking to the powerful, object-oriented NeXTstep architecture.

Over the past three years, NeXTstep has proven to be the premier graphical user interface and development environment for delivering powerful, integrated applications. Its objectoriented architecture not only makes creating custom applications easy, but also allows for quicker delivery of significant new system software features. Here are the highlights of our new release:

The object-oriented Database Kit (DBKIT) dramatically reduces the effort required to design, implement, and maintain NeXTstep database applications. Additions of Novell and AppleTalk networking, along with Macintosh disk access, allow users to share data with MS DOS, OS 2, Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX computers. And NeXTlinks, an information linking system, empowers workgroups to share dynamic information which is updated automatically.

In addition, Release 3 provides enhancements in areas such as secure wide-area electronic mail and professional color. Best of all, NeXTstep's fundamental object-oriented architecture lets Release 2 applications automatically take advantage of many new Release 3 features. And because object-orientation means innovation happens more rapidly, NeXTstep will continue to be the premier operating environment available.

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