Database Kit (DBKit)

The NeXT Database Kit (DBKit) extends the power of NeXTstep's object-oriented paradigm to database application development.

Encompassing a robust suite of object classes and methods, DBKit radically shortens the time required to design and implement database applications that have graphical user interfaces (GUIs). The management and control of database transactions within an application is simplified with DBKit.

DBKit allows you to design your applications in a database-independent fasion by providing database "adaptors." This unique architecture allows the migration of applications to new databases without the recoding of user interface and application logic.

DBKit also enables the intergration of data from multiple sources within a single, easy-to-use application. Data sources accessible via the DBKit architecture can include relational and hierarchical databases, on-line news feeds, and more.

All of the objects in DBKit work seamlessly with objects in NeXTstep’s Interface Builder and the Application Kit. Applications developed with DBKit may easily incorporate all the functionality offered by NeXTstep, including interprocess communication, support for graphics and sound within an application, and cut/copy/paste functionality between applications.

Together, NeXTstep and DBKit provide an application construction environment that significantly reduces the effort required to design, implement, and maintain GUI-based database applications.

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