Brought to you by Lighthouse Design, Ltd, the creators of Diagram!, Concurrence was the first integrated outlining and presentation software available for the NeXT platform. Concurrence took full advantage of NeXT's multimedia capabilities and allowed users to create high-quality on-screen presentations complete with sound recordings and file links, or output to any PostScript output device, from printers to 35mm slide makers.


With a built-in outliner that went feature-for-feature with most word processors, Concurrence was made for creating and maintaining structure, from documents such as legal briefs and discussion agendas, down to simple to-do lists. Rearranging topics was a simple as picking them up and dragging them around the screen. In addition, Concurrence's outliner featured rapid collapse and expand topics, auto-labelling, level formatting, and EMACS key bindings.

Using the audio capabilities built into every NeXT computer, Concurrence supported the desktop-based creation of on-screen presentations with voice and sound accompaniment. In addition, Concurrence supported the "drag and drop" incorporation of any encapsulated PostScript (EPS) or tagged image file format (TIFF) image. For screen-based presentations, Concurrence featureed a wide variety of PostScript slide transitions such as dissolves, wipes and scrolls. Slide sorting could be done on a slide-by-slide basis, or entire modules of slides may be moved together for more rapid sorting than conventional "light table"-type sorters allow. Applying styles to large presentations was simplified by using master slides for each presentation view. Users may create an unlimited number of master slides.

Concurrence Scrn

Concurrence easily maintained multiple presentations and outlines as views within the same document so that changes made to one presentation or outline were automatically propagated to all other views of the document.

Concurrence's "Prepare for Mail" feature allowed users to assemble self-contained presentations and distribut them via NeXT Mail to NeXT users running Concurrence anywhere in the world. In addition, users could create auto-repeating on-screen presentations for applications such as conferences and information centers.

Concurrence™ 2 was a significant upgrade to Concurrence 1.2. Concurrence 2 was a complete package, which provided all the power you need to create polished presentations—from 35-mm slides and overheads to viewgraphs and on-line briefings. Concurrence 2 included powerful features, like the ability to read and write Microsoft® PowerPoint® files, support for NEXTSTEP Object Links, automatic page numbering, speaker's notes and handouts, customizable bullets, build and continuation slides, and much more.

Concurrence 2 included a drag-and-drop oucline processor that automated the preparation of structured documents. Presentations and outlines were seamlessly integrated to work together, allowing users to first prepare large structured presentations in outline form and then automatically format them into slides. In addition, outlines and slides could be edited simultaneously, enabling brainstorming and flexibility during the presentation development process. Concurrence 2 accepted over 30 standard image formats.


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