Daydream Mac Emulator

Daydream allowed NeXT computer users take advantage of the software written for the Apple Macintosh computer. It allowed every kind of Macintosh application, utility, or system software to run on NeXT hardware. By using an off-the-shelf version of Apple's System 7.1 and licensed AppleROM chips, Daydream was perfectly compatible with existing Macintosh software. It ran more than 500 Macintosh applications, while providing full access to networks, SCSI peripherals (such as scanners and removables), floppy disk drives, modems and the existing NeXT 400 dpi Laser Printer. Users were impressed by the ease of use and performance when they compare Daydream with Apple's high-end Quadra line.

NeXT customers demanded access to high-quality, low-cost productivity applications - Daydream satisfied this requirement. Not only applications, but the entire Apple System 7 ran on your hardware, with services like aliases, publish-and-subscribc, Apple Events, Balloon Help and file sharing.

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