Windows/DOS/ Emulation Application
SoftPC Version for NeXTStep for InteI Processors allowed you use MS-DOS and Windows applications while you run NeXTStep on your PC. SoftPC was optimized to take advantage of the native Intel hardware, supported all DOS and Windows applications compliant with DPMI (DOS Protect Mode Interface) and included network support for Novell IPX and LAN Workplace DOS TCP/IP.

With SoftPC, you could easily copy and paste text and graphics between NeXTStep applications and PC programs such as CorelDraw, dBFast, Excel and Object Vision. The software included special Insignia Windows and mouse drivers that optimize the performance of graphics-intensive applications. SoftPC supported extended and expanded memory for DOS applications requiring more than 640 kilobytes, PC floppy disks and PC CD-ROMs and serial and parallel ports. Support for VGA graphics with 256 colors provided increased display resolution with crisp, vibrant graphics. A special resizable window under Windows allowed you to easily expand the window to the display's limits. You could also access PC CD-ROMs in Microsoft CD-ROM extension format, which supported ISO 9660 and High
Sierra formats.


SoftPC provided AT-class compatibility and performance for NeXT Computers without having to add any hardware. This included EGA graphics, LIM expanded memory support and the ability to run programs that used an 80287 math coprocessor.

SoftPC emulated:
  • Color Graphics Adaptor (CGA)

SoftPC gave you the power to run DOS and Windows programs under NEXTSTEP to increase your personal productivity, maximize your investment and move gracefully to NEXTSTEP without missing a step. SoftPC provided excellent performance, compatibility with PC programs, and full integration within the NEXTSTEP environment.


  • Included MS-DOS 5.0 and Microsoft Windows 3.1 pre-installed and ready to run. Optimized to run Windows 3.1 under NEXTSTEP.
  • Supported native CPU for optimum performance. No CPU emulation was required.
  • Runs 8-bit in real mode, 16-bit and 32-bit DPMI compliant DOS and Windows programs under NEXTSTEP. Windows-Enhanced Mode not supported.
  • DDE and OLE supported between Windows program within a SoftPC/Windows session.
  • Supported Novell IPX for compatibility with Novell NetWare.
  • Supported DOS TCP/IP for compatibility with Novell LAN Workplace.
  • Supported full screen VGA graphics, allowing users to "hot key" between windowed and full screen mode, depending on graphics card available.
  • Supported standard PC sound.
  • Full support of printing through UNIX lpr. Supported PostScript printers and includes HP Laser Jet emulation. LPT1 and LPT2 supported.
  • Output to serial ports (COM1 and COM2) supported.
  • Microsoft Bus Mouse compatible.
  • DOS mouse and Windows mouse supported.
  • Supported re-sizing of the Windows display up to the maximum screen size available.
  • Allowed running of multiple PC sessions at the same time.
  • Supported copying and pasting text and graphics between DOS/Windows and NEXTSTEP applications.
  • Allowed access to the DOS partition or "schizo" drive as the D: drive.
  • Microsoft CD-ROM extensions were included with data-only support.
  • Read and write PC formatted floppy disks.
  • Supported both Real mode and Protected mode PC programs under NEXTSTEP. Ran applications requiring extended and expanded memory.
  • Provides access to both the NEXTSTEP file system and the mounted DOS partition.
  • Supported US, UK, French and German keyboards.
  • Included on-line help.

A demonstration version of Soft PC shipped with NeXTStep Release 3.2.
SoftPC was available for any 68040-based NeXT computer. In addition to the features listed above, SofcPC for NeXTStep emulates an Intel processor in real mode and protected mode, as well as a floating point processor for enhanced math calculations.

Bundles of SoftPC with Windows (3.x generation) were called SoftWindows.


Insignia Solutions. Inc.
$499 Motorola
$249 Intel
Qty in the collection: 4 various versions

SOFTPC withWindows3.1