Virtuoso Version 2, the advanced PostScript language design and production program for NEXTSTEP, won NeXTWORLD magazine's 1992 Best of Breed award for graphics, as well as Publish magazine's 1992 Impact award. Its easy-co-use feature set included a wide variety of drawing, text editing and layout cools that enables users of all skill levels to create and produce professional illustrations and short documents. Other powerful features included: graphic style sheers, the ability to autotrace scanned images, multiple layers and the ability to produce color separations.

This version of Virtuoso had many additional features and enhancements to Virtuoso's already advanced tool set—primarily the ability to have multiple pages in a document. An additional suite of path operations included Union, Intersection, Translucency, Expand Stroke, Inset Path, and Simplify. Other features included enhanced printing options, PANTONE support, spell checking (through the NeXTStep speller) and support for NEXTSTEP'S Filter Services.

Virtuoso could also edit EPS files created by Virtuoso 2. Virtuoso also provided advanced text-handling capabilities, including on-screen text editing and the ability to join text to a path, convert text into editable outlines and import RTF formats. It provides superb typographical control. Virtuoso imports and manipulates TIFF and EPS files, as well as artwork created in Aldus Fred-land8 3.0 and 4.0 and Adobe Illustrator 3.0. Virtuoso creates files FreeHand and Illustrator could open, enhancing the cross-platform capabilities of NEXTSTEP. Coupled with the superb graphical and multitasking environment of NEXTSTEP, Virtuoso was the ultimate professional graphics solution.


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