MANL Language converter

The Manitoba Association of Native Languages (MANL) mandate was to keep six Canadian aboriginal languages alive:

Island Lake Dialect,

In 1995 computerActive Inc. created the MANL web site using NeXT’s WebObjects. Part of this site contained the Aboriginal Language Information System (ALIS) which was an on-line storehouse of Cree, Dene, Dakota, and Ojibwe Canadian Aboriginal languages.

Several thousand words and phrases in each language are stored in a relational database. Type in a few characters, specify which language you just typed and the resulting language you desire and all the words and phrases which contain those characters was presented.

Many scholars can read Egyptian hieroglyphics but no-one knows how the language was spoken. That won't happen here. Hundreds of the words in each language have been recorded. Oral pronunciation is available for audio playback through your Web Browser. Where deemed useful, pictures are also included in this multi-lingual dictionary.

These languages use characters (Syllabics) which look similar to Pitman Shorthand than the characters we usually see on a computer. You will see the native words parsed and written in their native character set. This is a generalized solution which could be used for other languages.

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