Peanuts Archive Discs

NEXTSTEP/OpenStep FTP-Archiv on CD-ROM

"Peanuts", was one of the world’s leading ftp-archives for NEXTSTEP software on NeXT, Intel, HP/PA and SUN Sparc hardware, was (CeBIT ’95) also available on compact disc. The complete archive contained more than 1.3 GByte of compressed software and was distributed on two compact discs. Most of the applications were free- or shareware. For demonstration purposes, a wide range of popular commercial applications were also included; this section is more than just a compilation of different third-party compact discs.

The archive contained NEXTSTEP- and OpenStep-applications, unix programs, X11 programs, tools for developers, collections of easily reusable classes and code, documents, hard- and software-reviews, tutorials for programming and system administration, the NeXTAnswers directly from NeXT, a collection of important mailinglists, newsletters from NeXT usergroups and an archive of national and international newsgroups from 1989 on. This and a rich collection of graphics, sound and audio files, drivers, classes, filters, preference modules, palette, fonts and much more, maked this CD a comprehensive tool for every user and developer of NeXT’s advanced, object oriented operation system.

The archive is sorted in different categories and each filename follows a special naming convention making it possible to check the version number and distribution form (binary and/or source) of a program; further it is possible to see from the filename on which hardware platform any binary distributed application can be run. Also supplied is a short description file for almost every program enabling the user to find rapidly what he is searching for. With a simple double click any compressed file can be unpacked. Useful documents including usenet news, FAQs, the NeXTAnswers and the description files are fully indexed and can be used right off the CD together with NEXTSTEP’s Digital Librarian for a fast and efficient information retrieval. The description files can also be copied to hard disc for an efficient search without the compact discs.

The peanuts archive discs were available at the cost of US$ 59 plus shipping and handling. Together with the CD-ROMs a registration card was supplied for a $15 discount of the next issue of the peanuts archive discs.

For orders or for questions concerning the peanuts FTP-archive the contact was:

Peanuts Archive Discs
c/o Christian Baur
Aurbacherstrasse 11/VIII
D-81541 Munchen-Haidhausen
Fax: (++49) 89 - 483563

The peanuts FTP archive could be reached on
and on many mirror sites in Europe and on some BBSs in Germany.